Adoption Update, 01.22.2014

waitingWe’ve realized for a while now how much we need our child. It’s like our family is incomplete without him/her. Sure, our child needs us. Every child deserves a family, so it’s obvious that this kid needs his/her parents. But–just as much as the child needs us–we need this child in our lives. It’s a lot like couples who have been trying to get pregnant for a long time; they have this constant ache because there is a void in their family. We start to realize rooms in our house are pretty much empty, their walls waiting to be filled with laughter. As we wait, our identities as parents are growing faster than the reality of us actively being parents.

As we are now solidly into 2014, we are incredibly hopeful (as Carrie wrote a few weeks ago) that this is our year. We will continue to keep you updated with what is going on in our adoption…IF you promise to keep praying for it.

Do we have a deal? Are you still reading this?

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6 thoughts on “Adoption Update, 01.22.2014

  1. Huckstep, Dana


    Dana Huckstep
    Admin. Asst. – Partner Development
    Grace Church

  2. Lindsay

    We have a deal!

  3. shelli


  4. Suzy Roth

    We’re in :-)!

  5. Lisa Miller


  6. Dava

    Curtis, I stumbled on your blog via Stuff Christians Like (which a friend just told me to check out & I chose today to finally look at it!) I am back in Fishers now, saw Brian & Kristen last summer & have run into other former interns around town sometimes.

    Anyway, I hope 2014 is your year :-)

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