Round Up of Super-Helpful Adoption Articles (For People Adopting & Their Friends, Too)

Round Up of Super Helpful ArticlesWe love reading about adoption. Over the past few months we’ve bookmarked some great articles. Some are really helpful resources and thoughts for adoptive families; others are for the family and friends who are supporting us. So, if you get a few minutes, these are well worth clicking on and reading.

For those who are adopting:

We also have some helpful posts on our best practices as it relates to waiting and fundraising. Click one of the links on the right of our page to read more.

For family and friends of those adopting:

Happy reading. I’m sure there are some we left out. What have you seen/read that has been helpful?

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8 thoughts on “Round Up of Super-Helpful Adoption Articles (For People Adopting & Their Friends, Too)

  1. I have found to be tons of help with hair care, styling, product advice and occasionally some transracial adoption issues.
    Haven’t read all your suggestions, but the ones that I have are great.

  2. natalie

    hi! thanks for linking to my post :) we would love to meet up with you sometime!

  3. It really wasn’t meant as a slam against dads. It was a way of describing myself in the third person. My husband was a huge part of both our adoptions. HUGE. He is the greatest dad I can imagine. If he was the blogging type I would ask him to pen his thoughts on what he went through as an adoptive father. Since he’s not, someday I will write a huge sappy ode to him and then maybe people will believe me that I don’t take adoptive fathers for granted. :)

    I appreciate the shout out.

    • Curtis Honeycutt

      Wymsel- We love your blog. I know your post wasn’t a slam against dads; it just seems to me like the generality on adoption blogs about dads is that they’re always lagging way behind when it comes to getting emotionally engaged. Your post about moms applied to me as well. I really have enjoyed reading your adoption story and thoughts about the process.

      • I totally get that. It does seem like dads get a reputation for not really caring or even *wanting* to adopt. :( I know that isn’t the case for SO MANY dads out there. Including the one who was up all night with our children. lol Will be following your blog… glad to have found you.

  4. Thanks for adding one of our MLJ Adoptions blogs. I am glad you found it helpful. Are there other topics you think that we should address to be more helpful to adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents?

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