Adoption Update, 11.05.2013

family circusWe feel so well-supported and loved by all of you! On Friday, a ton of you prayed for the moratorium on adoptions to be lifted in Ghana, among other things. So far, we have not heard any news from Ghana, but we are continuing to pray, believing God is at work. We believe God moves mountains when we pray.

In general, people have been asking us how we’re doing. That’s kind of hard to answer; some days we are pessimistic and feel like this thing is never going to happen. It’s been almost a full year waiting for our referral. Other days we are optimistic, catching glimpses of how our life will be as parents. Most days, however are pretty neutral. We have gotten used to this low-grade fever of sadness that hovers above everything we do. Strange how those feelings can be normal.

We are really looking forward to some more good news, so we will make sure to update everyone as soon as we have good stuff we can share. In the mean time, please keep praying for this moratorium to be lifted so we can bring our kid home. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Adoption Update, 11.05.2013

  1. “We have gotten used to this low-grade fever of sadness that hovers above everything we do. Strange how those feelings can be normal.”

    I understand this. Hugs and prayers.

  2. Hi Curtis. I found your blog because you made reference to the Red Sea Rules, which my wife’s dad (my father-in-law, Robert J. Morgan) wrote. I run his website and have done a little editing and/or writing of study materials for his books. But that’s why I found you, not why I’m writing…

    My wife and I have a son who’s 4 years old, home with us for 2 years now. But we got held for a while by Korea’s system. Not nearly as bad as lots of other couples–and Korea put a hold on all adoptions after ours and parents waited for a couple years–much worse than our situation. But waiting is the most difficult part of the process. When we were struggling through it, I filled in for Rob at our church on a Sunday morning. I shared some principles we learned from Acts. I called it “What to Do in the Waiting Room”. If you think it could be encouraging, you can check it out here:

    Our youngest son Jude (previously “Wu-Jin”) is home now and a joy to our family. Just thought you might find the connection neat–that the author of the book you’re reading has a grandson who was our “waiting room” for a while and Rob was praying with us about the same thing. I’ll pray with you that things will open up in Ghana.

    • Joshua, I’m glad you found our blog! Your story is really encouraging. Small world indeed. The Red Sea Rules has been pivotal for us over the past few months.

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