Adoption Update, 10.28.13

LONG overdue update coming at ya…here goes.



So Carrie and went on an adventure Boston last month! Although it was not the trip we hoped to take this year, we did have a great time. Highlights included a Red Sox game at Fenway, historical tours, Harvard and food trucks. We really needed to get away after saving up all our vacation time all year for Ghana. Our b & b was in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, which was two blocks away from the original Cheers bar and the Boston Common, where we took this picture.

facebook boston

Kid’s Room

Our friend Mike finished painting our kid’s room. We decided to go with a neutral light gray color and we can add an accent color depending on if we end up having a boy or girl. Mike’s a pro, and we appreciate his help! Over this past weekend, we hung a really cool reading canopy we found on Craigslist. Here are a few pictures.

room 2room 1

As you can see, we currently have a lot of blues and greens, which can change if we have a girl. And, who even knows if we will need a bed or crib? These are questions we have no way of answering yet.

Current Adoption Status

Things are currently still on hold in Ghana. The latest from the government is that the moratorium will be lifted in November or December. As you may recall, the moratorium was put into effect so that Ghana’s intercountry adoptions could be centralized, instead of funneled through separate, regional Department of Social Welfare offices. This is a good thing overall because it ensures that all adoptions that are processed follow the same high standards. We are hopeful that once the moratorium is lifted things will really get moving, which leads us to how we’d like you to help this week.

Prayer Blitz

Okay, now, I don’t know if you’ve ever taken any government, foreign or otherwise, at its word, but let’s just say, occasionally they promise things and don’t quite deliver. We do, however, fully trust God can do anything. For that reason, we want to bend His ear this week with a prayer blitz. Let’s pray so much and so hard that this moratorium does get lifted in November or December that God’s ears hurt. So, I don’t care if you don’t pray often–please pray. I don’t care who prays–get your mom on it for us, your mailman, your kids, whoever–let’s just get some crazy, moratorium-ending prayer going. Are you up for it?

Thanks for your help. We are confident that God is at work on our behalf, on our child’s behalf and on the behalf of all the families in our Bethany Ghana program. Our hope is we get to meet our child very soon. Every day that passes is one day closer.

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5 thoughts on “Adoption Update, 10.28.13

  1. Hope

    Definitely Praying!

  2. Got the whole fam praying!!

  3. Suzy Roth

    That is one adorable reading area!!! We’ll be praying. Trusting God has a reason we don’t know for this long waiting…and praying the wait is close to over!

  4. Hey guys, know we keep praying with you!

    Aaron’s cousin, Carrie, spent over 2 years in Ghana with the Peace Corp and still has a number of contacts there. If you’d like, I can ask her if she has any way to get more information on the adoption situation there? Or, if later you want more information about Ghana for travel, cultural background, recipes, etc. we’d be happy to put you in touch with her.

    Blessings to you!
    Sheli Hayes

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